Local rulles:

  1. Droppzones, If a ball is in OR it`s higly probable that the ball is in the waterhazzard (behind red pins)  following applies:

    – Hole 2\11: For waterhazzard behind the road or the road itself behind the green the ball CAN be dropped on the right side of the green area(Marked with white pins).
    – Hole 9\18: For Waterhazzard on the right side of the poles by and on the driving range, the ball MUST be dropped in the droppzone Marked in the begining of the fairway.
    – Hole 3\12, 4\13, 5\14, 6\15 og 8\17: For all marked waterhazzard the ball can be dropped i dropzone marked in the begining of each hole even if its closer to the hole.

  2. Free dropp
    – wateringsystems , distance markings by and on the fairway, all signs and rock fences are unmovable obstrucktions and free relief is given.
    – Marked GUR på on practise area hole 9\18 gives free dropp onto fairway
    – All roads and paths with artifical surface gives free dropp. 
    – Plugged ball in the fairway gives free relief.
    – “Long straw grass” on fairway is a free relief.
    – Trees marked with supportsticks is umovable obstrucktions.
  3.  Rocks in the bunkers are umovable obstrucktions.
  4. If the ball hits a powerline, kable or pole, the stroke is not valid and you must hit it again with free dropp.
  5. White stakes between hole 9\18 and 1\10 applies only to play from hole 9\18.
  6. Distance measuring devices are allowed according to valid golf rulles.
  7. Practise when there is a competition is allowed on the driving range and the practice area. But rules for the driving range MUST be followed.
  8. Rock\mountain sticking up from the fairway is considered GUR.